Gainesville Topsoil & Construction
 In business since 1992


Currently in 2 locations: NOW OPEN!

7130 Rogues Rd. Greenworks Garden Center
Nokesville, Va. 20181 42660 John Mosby Hwy
703-628-7989         Chantilly, Va. 20152

 All mixes available at this site. Please call ahead to  Please see availability and            arrange pickup                          special pricing below

CASH OR CHECK ONLY- In order to keep our costs down we do not 
accept credit cards at this time

                                                                                       2014/2015 Winter Hours

Nokesville Site                                                                                             Greenworks Site
 By appointment only                                                                                               Closed for winter
                                                                                                                                   Will  reopen in March 2015                                           


Straight Topsoil
Unscreened Topsoil - $8.00 yd
Single Shredded Topsoil - $12.00 yd
Double Shredded or Screened Topsoil- $18.00 yd

Custom Garden And Flower Bed Mixes
Screened Topsoil mixed with 1/3, Leaf Compost-                                                     $22.00 yd
50% Leaf Compost mixed with,50% Screened Topsoil-                                           $24.00 yd  
1/3 Coarse Sand, 1/3 Screened Topsoil, 1/3 Leaf Compost-                                    $30.00 yd 
Straight Leaf Compost - 32.2% Organic Matter, 7.5% Ph-                                       $22.00 yd
1/2 Screened Topsoil mixed with 1/2 McGills Soil Builder-                                      $28.00 yd 
1/3 Screened Topsoil, 1/3 Coarse Sand, 1/3 McGills Soil Builder-                           $34.00 yd
Straight McGills Soil Builder- 49% Organic Matter, 7.49 Ph-                                   $32.00 yd  
2/3 Screened Topsoil - 1/3 McGills Soil Builder-                                                     $26.00 yd
Grass & Lawn Mixes
50% Orgro Compost with lime mixed with 50% Screened Topsoil-                          $26.00 yd 
1/3 Coarse Sand, 1/3 Screened Topsoil, 1/3 Orgro Compost-                                    $32.00 yd 
Straight Orgro compost with lime-57.8% Organic Matter, 7.29 Ph-                           $30.00 yd
2/3 Screened Topsoil-1/3 Orgro-                                                                                $24.00 yd      

Other Custom Blends Available- Call For Quote.
Fill Material                                                                                                                     $8.00 yd
Double shredded hardwood mulch-                                                                             $18.00 yd
Greenworks Location

Products/Pricing by the cubic yard
Unscreened Topsoil                                                                                                       $8.00 yd
Shredded Topsoil                                                                                                           $12.00 yd
Screened Topsoil                                                                                                           $16.00 yd
Clean Fill                                                                                                                        $4.00 yd

Entrance is directly across from Pinebrook Rd. Go past the garden center all the way to the back.

For information please call 703-628-7989 only! We are retailing separately from the garden center.


Delivery available for above products at a reasonable rate. Let us know how much 
 you need, and where to deliver for a direct quote.
Please include address and zipcode.
Also available by appointment only, compactible structural fill. 
From $3.00-$6.00 a cubic yd., depending on quantity and specifications. 
Proctor and delivery available. 

 703-754-4523 OR 703-628-7989
Gainesville Topsoil and Construction Inc. 
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