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Currently in 2 locations: COMING SOON:

7130 Rogues Rd. Greenworks Garden Center
Nokesville, Va. 20181 42660 John Mosby Hwy
703-628-7989 Chantilly, Va. 20152

 All mixes available at this site. Please call ahead to  Please see availability and            arrange pickup                          special pricing below

 2014 Prices for pick up at the Nokesville site
Straight Topsoil
Unscreened Topsoil - $8.00 
Single Shredded Topsoil - $12.00 
Double Shredded or Screened Topsoil- $18.00 

Custom Garden And Flower Bed Mixes
Screened Topsoil mixed with 1/3, Leaf Compost-                                                     $22.00  
50% Leaf Compost mixed with,50% Screened Topsoil-                                           $24.00   
1/3 Coarse Sand, 1/3 Screened Topsoil, 1/3 Leaf Compost-                                    $30.00  
Straight Leaf Compost - 32.2% Organic Matter, 7.5% Ph-                                       $22.00
2/3 Screened Topsoil mixed with 1/3 McGills Soil Builder-                                      $26.00 
1/2 Screened Topsoil mixed with 1/2 McGills Soil Builder-                                      $28.00 
1/3 Screened Topsoil, 1/3 Coarse Sand, 1/3 McGills Soil Builder-                           $34.00 
Straight McGills Soil Builder- 49% Organic Matter, 7.49 Ph-                                   $32.00   

Grass & Lawn Mixes
Screened Topsoil mixed with 1/3 Orgro compost with lime-                                     $24.00  
50% Orgro Compost with lime mixed with 50% Screened Topsoil-                          $26.00  

1/3 Coarse Sand, 1/3 Screened Topsoil, 1/3 Orgro Compost-                                    $32.00  
Straight Orgro compost with lime-57.8% Organic Matter, 7.29 Ph-                           $30.00        
Other Custom Blends Available- Call For Quote.
Fill Material                                                                                                                     $6.00 
Double shredded hardwood mulch-                                                                             $18.00 
Greenworks Location

Products/Pricing by the cubic yard
Unscreened Topsoil                                                                                                       $8.00
Shredded Topsoil                                                                                                           $12.00
Screened Topsoil                                                                                                           $16.00

Free fill material available


Delivery available for above products at a reasonable rate. Let us know how much 
 you need, and where to deliver for a direct quote.
Please include address and zipcode.
Also available by appointment only, compactible structural fill. 
From $3.00-$6.00 a cubic yd., depending on quantity and specifications. 
Proctor and delivery available. 

 703-754-4523 OR 703-628-7989
Gainesville Topsoil and Construction Inc. 
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